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Hey, this blog is dedicated to the amazing and hilarious textposts invented by one direction fans. We live for that stuff. It's the two of us here, Begga and Olivia. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them.
Yeah… but look at Niall
—ancient proverb (via everniam)
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I’m not like joking when I say I’m jealous of how rich 1d are like it doesn’t make me horny and I’m not like haha they’re so rich I’m jealous I’m actually seething with envy of how much money they have and how they’re living the dream with their best mates travelling the world and performing like they always wanted to I’m so disgustingly jealous of them

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I think this is where Louis stayed in the Bahamas



Based on the evidence in his Ice Bucket Challenge video (see screenshots below), I strongly believe this is the place where Louis stayed in the Bahamas.



This picture…

fuck they are so rich

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Artist: One Direction
Track: "Strong"

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louis: *brings back daddy hair and wears sleeveless shirt and shorts* 
me: *nipples get hard, tears tits off and crawls under couch* I DON’T FUCKING NEED THIS RN

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I know it’s hella early but you know niall be about that point and kiss game when it comes to his dick. 

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I appreciate fine art and fine boys.

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Anonymous sent: Louis' nominees are Arsene Wenger who is supporting gay rights in football and his player did come out recently and Boris Johnson, senator who fight for gay marriage in Parliament, so.


Well that’s interesting.

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Harry tying Niall’s shoe - aug. 23rd

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By Harry and Louis releasing their ice bucket challenges together - they get loads of joint headlines………



It’s nice that.

I wonder what their management think of that though…..